Noah is an app that allows users to build a virtual zoo through a mobile phone by adopting animals to Noah’s digital platform. Through building empathy towards animals at the zoo, animals are also guaranteed for their own well-being by having information transparent from the zoo officials. Noah not only provides a catalog for visitors but also ables users to simply scan QR codes or search animals to adopt from the zoo everywhere. Through this app, all visitors, zookeepers, and animals can harvest positive impact through the simple means of the digital technology. 

2018 New Year

Yelp Design Challenge


Noah's Value

Visiting a zoo is fun, educational, and is a time for family bonding. Noah helps users to get around easily while enabling users to get intimate towards animals and raise conservational awareness through fun and entertaining experience

Transparent information system helps animals to ensure life quality they deserve. Through the app, information such as keeper’s logs and internal news is available to everyone across all zoos.  

Get committed to saving species by uniting user efforts and awareness into their mission. Noah's t
ransparent system will help everyone to fight against extinction in hope for the better future.  


Problems & Pain points

Entertainment vs Ethical Value

For children, visiting zoo is exciting moments in which they are exposed to seeing new creatures and to have fun with events and activities prepared by zoo officials. However, while adults love to have some fun with kids, they also feel bad about animals in captivity. At the zoo, we were able to see animals with symptoms of the mental and physical disorder and some cages were empty without any information available. Transparency was needed.

Disconnected Information

During my short visit as well as through research, I was able to find out the disconnected information across zoo information system. Zoos have put a lot of efforts into putting general facts about animals, however, they are not seen by many visitors. Through interviews, I was able to find out that adults rely more on their knowledge to answer questions children may have. Also, it was extremely rare to see visitors use zoo’s website.

Connecting zoos all across the states through Noah’s online platform.

Educate Adults about what to expect and learn about individual animals prior to their visit. 

Adopt animals to get more personal about their experience. 

One stop feature to help people to get around the zoo more effectively. 

Service Process

Users are able to be fully immersive with their personal zoo experience. They can study and find out more about animals before arriving at the zoo so that they could concentrate more on their children and have fun. 

Once they arrive, they can choose a theme and choose routes depending on their situation and needs. During the visit, users then observe and interact with animals and once they get intimate towards their favorite animals, they can choose to adopt and build their digital zoo. 

Once animals are on board with the system, information such as animal logs and news becomes customized. Personalized digital zoo experience opens up new opportunities for zoos to use Noah as a strong marketing tool to re-invite and create positive ethical culture.   



Visitors can search and learn about animals and get to know what the zoo can provide by simply searching available species even before going to the zoo. The interface is designed to be as intuitive as possible so that users can have a seamless experience. 



The real exciting part happens when visitors are physically at the zoo. While enjoying their time learning and interacting with animals, they can simply search or scan individual animal’s code to adopt and learn much beyond.

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And Much More

Noah can also provide what the zoo offers to provide. Visitors can search for events and get to know what kinds of fun they want. Also, the map enables users to curate their own visit at the zoo.

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Going to the zoo is a fun family activity. Create an app that allows someone to either a)plan their visit ahead of time, orb) catalog their experiences while they're at the zoo.


- What are the "cool" factors about going to the zoo?
- IS visiting the zoo helpful for adults?
- What are the factors of re-visit?
- How is the life quality of animals?
- How can they help with endangered species and educate people to create positive effect socially?


- Not enough information is being transparent towards visitors. 
- Getting people more intimate towards the animal will bring positive effect for all zookeepers, visitors, and animals. 
- Main entertaining factor at the zoo is the close encounter experience at the zoo. 


Conclusion/ Challenges and Learnings.

More research on the users will inform better design decisions-

It was great to have a chance to talk to a variety of different people at the zoo. However, the result would have been different if I would have more chance to visit other zoos and talk to more zookeepers to gain more insights about animal and zookeeper’s perspective.

Also, as a person who likes to talk and get feedback, If I had more time, I would want to do sessions of design critique to iterate towards perfection.

As an animal lover and owner of a pug, I have a passion for animal well-being and feel the great responsibility as a human. The last time I’ve visited a zoo was as long ago as when I don't remember, which would probably be around when I was in the elementary school in Korea. I remember having so much fun chasing after animals and having fun touching them. However, when I visited the zoo at San Jose with a great joy to have fun at the park, as soon as I arrived and after looking at the condition animals were living in, I was disturbed which as a return, acted as an enzyme to come up with an idea of digital adoption. 

Thank you for viewing my work. I really enjoyed working on the project very much and I look forward to hearing your feedback.