Amazon Fresh — Bringing people and community on board, The idea of interconnected, information driven networks, creates value through open partnerships between users and services. With the Idea of the platform business through Amazon Fresh, we can empower much beyond shopping experience to solve basic problems which we face everyday.

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Amazon Fresh

This project is a reimagined version of the Amazon Fresh mobile application. It introduces a food managing system that enables users to gather their personal data of food consumption, whilst being guided with accurate data analysis. This system is seamlessly integrated with the online grocery shopping experience of Amazon Fresh.

Strategist/Product Designer

Project Background

Right after graduation, I was getting ready to move out. Boxes were filled in and though I was ready to move out until I forgot to check the fridge. Once I opened the fridge, I realized that I had to wipe out entire universe of the fridge that I had used for two years. Then I realized that we never had a proper, cohesive food manager that automatically integrates with our grocery consuming. This lack of management in our food results in massive amounts of food waste for everyone. From here we started to reimagine a coherent online grocery shopping service which enhances your experience of personal food managing that seamlessly integrates with everything you buy. The online grocery shopping model of our project is Amazon Fresh. Launched in Seattle in 2007, Amazon Fresh allows customers to combine grocery and other shopping into one seamless experience that easily fits into their routines and improves their busy lives.

This picture below is the most common example of our grocery income every time which majority of people spend $60 – $90. Throughout time, these food gets consumed and adds into the fridge and many items are left forgotten. Out of these the average American household discards around $1500 worth of food annually.

During the onboarding process, users will be introduced to numerous features of Amazon Fresh and will be asked to provide personal information for Amazon to learn more about user preferences. 


The shop page is the landing page of the application. The filter system of the shop page lets you browse with ease and efficiency. While other online grocery shopping application lead user to either search individual item, or go through multiple categories to find the right item, with the filter system, you can browse on one screen simultaneously with what you pick. The choices you make is shown instantly, letting you browse through different food categories as if you were in a physical store. 


The cart page is for you to accurately measure details of your shopping. Detailed data of your spending and nutritional information is presented for you to manage your food consumption. Also, the collaborative cart system lets your roommates or family members to add items simultaneously, while only the designated person can check out. 

The profile page is where all your personal food data is stored and presented. Through clear graphics users can get a clear sense of their spending habits, nutritional statistics and even more. The detailed reports of personal data will empower users to be more efficient with their food cycle. 

1.       You can manage your own inventory by easily viewing the status of items from your past order. There is no need for you to go hunting for expired items in your fridge. Amazon fresh tell you exactly what status each item is in because every data information is in the system. Also, you can choose to add items manually through AI integration or register an item to be frozen. 

2.       There are no more scanning barcodes because there is Alexa that works for you. Amazon Fresh can recognize groceries without canning the barcode. If you happen to buy something off Amazon Fresh, simply take a photo, and it will be automatically added to your inventory. 

1.       Now, a recipe sharing platform is more family friendly. From recipes that are published by users to Amazon published recipes, you can view all contents. As already being done in the Weekly Prime section in Amazon, well-constructed recipes can be utilized as a tool for Amazon to direct user’s attention to certain product at specific timeline. 

2.       There is no need to go search one by one. Before, users needed to jump to another grocery shopping application and search for appropriate items one by one. However, with Amazon Fresh application, you can simply tab a button to add all the items in a recipe that you are missing in your inventory. 

Primary Research

Our team’s initial research started by researching the disparity between consumer behaviors and current online grocery shopping services’ business challenges. From the research, we could gather interesting insights which led our team to grasp a more concrete idea of our intended users.


Market Research

There were 5 categories of services to be researched; Service include online grocery service, physical store, prepared meal service, food management, and recipe service. Therefore, we found out that to use different types of services, users are put in a laborious position of having to switchover services to have full benefits. Amazon Platform can solve this problem by having stand-alone application and share contents such as food management and recipes. 


User Desires & Design Opportunity

From the research, we could find elements that were crucial to heightening the level of experience and retaining the users. The user needs that we identified came from many different aspects of the food cycle (from shopping to consuming, and managing). However, from the list of user needs, we could extract the most influential needs that needed to be solved for the product to thrive. Reliability and convenience were the biggest factor, while Personal food data analysis, interconnected with existing platform for automatic integration followed. After listing the major user needs, we could derive creative design opportunities that not only cover the needs, but also elevate them in a new way.  We concluded that the existing, separated experience of food cycle can be merged together to be more convenient and efficient. Also, user centered customization along with critical data feedbacks will greatly empower the relationship between the users and the food managing system.

User Flow & User Pain Points

Early Sketches & Wireframe

User Testing & Design Decisions

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